Summary: Fortimicin-A (FTM-A; astromicin)-resistance genes ( genes) isolated from six producers of the FTM-group of antibiotics were analysed. These genes could be classified into two types by the resistance profiles to aminoglycoside antibiotics and by their DNA homologies. Three genes, from the istamycin producer ATCC 31603, from the sannamycin producer IFO 14239 and from the sporaricin producer ATCC 20501, conferred resistance to FTM-A, kanamycin (Km) and neomycin B (Nm-B), but not to gentamicin (Gm). The other three genes, from the FTM-A producer ATCC 21819, from the antibiotic SF-2052 producer sp. SF-2098 (ATCC 31580) and from the dactimicin producer ATCC 31570, conferred resistance to FTM-A, Km and Gm, but not to Nm-B. No DNA homology was detected between the two types of the resistance genes in Southern-blot analysis. The present results revealed that, in spite of the similarity of their biosynthesis genes, there are at least two different types of resistance genes among the FTM-group antibiotic producers.


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