SUMMARY: Members of the group (SMG) that react with Lancefield group C antisera were shown to bind large amounts of albumin although there was no direct relation between these two properties as polyclonal antisera to Lancefield group C antigen did not prevent the binding of albumin. There was a specificity for albumin binding, with albumin from man, monkeys, cat, dog and mouse being bound to a greater degree than albumin from cow, horse, goat or rabbit. Gold-labelled albumin was shown to be located close to the surface of strains by transmission electron microscopy. A cell-surface protein of 24000, which was liberated by Iysozyme treatment of cells, was shown to be the cell-surface receptor on C5. The receptor was physically dissimilar from protein G, an albumin- and IgG-binding protein of ‘large-colony’ Lancefield group C and G streptococci.


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