H37Rv has a single (ribosomal RNA) operon. The operon was cloned and a region of 1536 nucleotides was sequenced, starting 621 bp upstream from the 5'-end of the 16S rRNA coding region and continuing to the start of the 23S rRNA coding region. The 16S rRNA sequence inferred from the gene sequence was found to differ in one position from (nucleotide 1443) and from (nucleotide 427). A single putative promoter was identified on the basis of similarities with the sequence of operons of and . The regions of similarity include a — 35 box, a — 10 box, a stringent response element, antitermination signals, potential RNAase III processing sites and features of prefnsor rRNA secondary structure. Sequences upstream from the 5'-end of 16S rRNA were also investigated. Homologous schemes of secondary structure were deduced for prefnsor rRNA of both and ; although the principal features are common to both species there are notable differences.


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