Summary: Purified [C]aerobactin, supplied exogenously to non-growing bacteria, was translocated via the periplasm into the cytoplasm of K12 strains expressing the aerobactin receptor protein IutA. No significant uptake was observed into either compartment of strains lacking the gene or specifically defective in Uptake into both compartments was markedly reduced, but not abolished, in an mutant. Accumulation of [C]aerobactin in the periplasm of , or mutant strains was not significantly lower than in the wild-type strain, but entry into the cytoplasm was greatly reduced in all cases. Uptake of aerobactin by strains wild-type for all transport functions occurred most efficiently in strains either lacking or specifically defective in the genetic determinants for aerobactin biosynthesis; significantly lower levels of exogenous C-labelled siderophore were observed in both compartments of strains producing aerobactin. Aerobactin-mediated Fe uptake, however, was not inhibited by the presence of endogenous aerobactin. Endogenous enterochelin did not affect aerobactin uptake.


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