The yeast gene encodes a presumed protein kinase. The gene is essential for manifestation of resistance to the antibiotic polymyxin B. Deletion of enables a null mutant to grow on nonfermentable carbon sources; overexpression of enhances viability of a mutant. Overexpression of also diminishes cellular response to mating pheromone MFα. These results suggest that the and genes affect a common pathway that may communicate with the pheromone response pathway. In addition, disruption of renders cells sensitive to high osmolarity: exposure to 0.9 M-NaCl causes growth arrest, appearance of bizarre morphological forms, and eventual death. A mutation suppressing deletion has been found. That mutation restores full polymyxin B resistance but only partially corrects the osmotic sensitivity defect. These observations indicate that is involved in diverse physiological pathways in yeast.


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