Summary: Some wild isolates of show microcycle conidiation in liquid culture under continuous agitation. Macroconidia from agar-grown mycelial cultures germinated in liquid and the germlings spontaneously produced conidia with no intervening mycelial phase. Three types of microcycle conidiation were seen among progeny of Vickraman wild-type: (1) multinucleate blastoconidia produced by apical budding and septation, (2) multinucleate arthroconidia produced by holothallic septation and disarticulation of cells, and (3) uninucleate microconidia produced directly from conidiogenous cells of the germlings. Two genes were identified which control specific patterns of microcycle conidiogenesis. A single gene in linkage group VR near (·2% recombination) controls blastoconidiation. This gene is epistatic to gene located in linkage group IIL, very near (1· 4%). controls both microconidiation and arthroconidiation depending on temperature. Strains of genotype produce microconidia almost exclusively at 18-22 °C, but arthroconidia with few or no microconidia at 30 °C. Because they result in rapid and synchronized conidiation in liquid culture, the two genes should be useful for studies of developmental gene regulation. makes it possible to obtain large quantities of pure microconidia rapidly for experimentation.


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