Summary: pCG100, a 3 kb cryptic plasmid of ATCC 13058, probably identical with pSR1 from ATCC 19223, was characterized. The minimum region for autonomous replication was shown to be contained on a 1·9 kb II-I fragment; a 380 bp dIII-I fragment can replicate in the presence of the parental plasmid, which presumably provides a -acting replication factor. Derivatives of pCG100 are able to replicate in several and strains. pCG100 is compatible with pBL1, a cryptic plasmid of . Shuttle plasmid vectors, containing the kanamycin-resistance gene from Tn or from as selectable markers and the Amp, Tetor genes for insertional inactivation, were constructed using the minimum replication fragment of pCG100.


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