Summary: Intact, non-growing and oxidized a wide range of 1-C-labelled fatty acids (C to C) to CO. Laurate (C) was oxidized most rapidly, and its oxidation by was inhibited by the antileprosy agents Dapsone, clofazamine and rifampicin. Key enzymes of β-oxidation were detected in extracts from all three mycobacteria. All these activities (both in intact mycobacteria and the enzymes) were stimulated in grown in Dubos medium plus palmitate but activities in or grown either in Dubos medium with added liposomes or triolein, or were similar to those detected in the same strain grown in Dubos medium alone. could be grown in medium in which 95% of its fatty acyl elongase activity is acetyl-CoA dependent. In this medium growing organisms oxidized [1-C]palmitate to CO but simultaneously elongated palmitate to C acids and even longer. Acetyl-CoA-dependent elongase activity is similar but clearly not identical to reversed β-oxidation, but the exact point(s) of difference have not yet been identified.


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