The relationship between enzyme stability and glycosylation was examined for two different (1,3-1,4)-β-glucanases following expression of the corresponding genes in and in Both of the (1,3-1,4)-β-glucanases secreted from yeast cells were glycosylated and a pronounced difference in the type and extent of glycosylation was observed. Thermostability analysis of the glycosylated enzymes and their unglycosylated counterparts synthesized by disclosed a substantially higher thermotolerance of the glycosylated enzymes. At 70 °C the half-life of the glycosylated form of (1,3-1,4)-β-glucanase was 26 min, as compared to 10 min for the unglycosylated form of the enzyme. Using the same conditions, the half-life of the hybrid (1,3-1,4)-β-glucanase was 5 min for the unglycosylated enzyme and about 100 min when the enzyme was glycosylated.


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