SUMMARY: produces an extracellular β-D-fructofuranoside fructohydrolase (invertase) when grown on a medium containing the β-fructofuranosides sucrose or raffinose, indicating that synthesis is subject to induction by the substrate. On a growth medium containing sucrose, production was maximal at 15 h in cultures incubated at 28 C°. After this time the level of detectable invertase in the cultures declined. A proportion of the enzyme was secreted during the linear growth phase of the fungus. Various sugars were investigated for induction of invertase, but only the two β-fructofuranosides induced high production levels; with the other sugars, the enzyme was produced only at a low constitutive level. Mycelium grown under repressive conditions (1% glucose), rapidly produced invertase when transferred to sucrose-containing medium. After 80 min the invertase level in these cultures was 26-fold higher than the constitutive level. The repressive effect of other sugars, e.g. glucose and xylose, on invertase production was also demonstrated in this experimental system.


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