Summary: The polar lipids and their fatty acid components in and Pseudomonas pickettii have been identified. In addition to diphosphatidylglycerol and phosphatidylglycerol (a trace only for ), all three species contained two forms of phosphatidylethanolamine differing in the presence or absence of α-hydroxy fatty acids. This seems to be a distinctive feature of species in RNA homology group II. Also, and (but not ) produced two forms of ornithine amide lipid, differing in the nature (hydroxy or non-hydroxy) of the ester-linked fatty acid. In all three species, the major non-hydroxy acids were hexadecanoic acid, a hexadecenoic acid, an octadecenoic acid, and cyclopropane derivatives of the monoenoic acids. The α-hydroxy acids were the derivatives of the same components, while the amide-linked acid of the ornithine amide lipids was mainly or entirely 3-hydroxyhexadecanoic acid. The possible taxonomic implications of the data are discussed.


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