Summary: The grey-brown pigmentation of conidiophores depends on the functions of two ‘ivory’ loci. codes for a developmental specific phenol oxidase, and mutants accumulate its substrate -acetyl-6-hydroxytryptophan. mutants are unable to make this substrate. mutants are also poorly pigmented, and extracts require copper salts to activate both the phenol oxidase and conidial laccase. and mutants partially suppress the spore colour phenotype of mutants. Comparisons of morphology, phenol oxidase and substrate accumulation in morphological mutants at the locus suggest that the protein regulates and morphogenetic loci independently. The locus, which also affects morphology and pigmentation, may code for a modifier of function. mutants which are blocked at a later stage of development than or mutants have low phenol oxidase levels, implying that by this stage of development the activity of the locus is declining.


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