SUMMARY: An LH2 strain of , DBC1, has been constructed by deleting the operon, which encodes the LH2 α and β polypeptides, from the chromosome and replacing it with a kanamycin resistance gene. Southern blot analysis indicates that the 950 bp HI restriction fragment which contains the operon has been lost and has been replaced by the 1·25 kb Km cassette derived from Strain DBC1 lacked the LH2 complex, as shown by loss of the characteristic absorbance bands at 800 and 850 nm. The LH2 polypeptides were also found to be absent after SDS-PAGE. The wild-type phenotype was restored to DBC1 by the transfer of a 3·8 kb I fragment containing the operon in plasmid pMA81. Transconjugants possessed a wild-type absorbance spectrum and LH2 polypeptides.


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