Treatment of sensitive cells of with killer toxin KT28 affected cell viability after 2 h: the effect was dependent upon the availability of a utilizable energy source. Treatment led to an interruption of cell growth. The mother cells contained nuclear DNA, whereas their daughter buds did not. Using a killer-toxin-sensitive thymidine auxotroph of carrying a temperature-sensitive thymidylate uptake mutation, it was shown that the incorporation of dTMP at the permissive temperature was inhibited within 30 min of the addition of KT28. When cells labelled at the permissive temperature were incubated at the restrictive temperature, the level of radioactivity declined in the absence but not in the presence of KT28. No other effects of KT28 were observed within 2 h of its addition, and it is concluded that the inhibition of DNA synthesis is an early effect of the action of KT28.


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