SUMMARY: Twenty-six wild-type strains tested for resistance to arsenate, arsenite and antimony(III) could be divided into four groups: those resistant only to arsenite (3) or to arsenate (2) and those resistant (8) or sensitive (13) to both heavy metals. All strains were sensitive to antimony. The structural genes for the operon of were subcloned into various plasmid vectors. The expression of the whole operon in streptomycetes may be strain-specific and occurred only from low-copy-number plasmids. The gene product could be expressed from high-copy plasmids and conferred arsenate resistance to both and species. The operon expressed in and the gene expressed in did not render the synthesis of undecylprodigiosin and nourseothricin, respectively, phosphate-resistant. In addition in wild-type strains of phosphate sensitivity of antibiotic biosynthesis did not show strong correlation with resistance of growth to arsenicals.


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