Summary: The restriction patterns of mitochondrial DNA from 20 isolates of the two varieties of were compared. The patterns exhibited extensive heterogeneity among the isolates regardless of their serotype or varietal status. Hybridizations with cloned fragments of the conserved cytochrome oxidase gene from exhibited at least seven patterns among the 20 isolates. There were, however, similarities in the restriction patterns among isolates within the same serotype that were not shared by isolates of other serotypes. Intra-varietal similarities were observed in the restriction patterns among the isolates of C. var. which were not present in the restriction patterns among the isolates of var. Hybridization of some cloned mitochondrial DNA fragments to total DNA digests of various isolates revealed polymorphic as well as variety-specific patterns of homology. These findings agree with the antigenic heterogeneity among the isolates and support he current taxonomic classification of into two varieties.


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