Summary: A lysogenic strain, biovar UK-1: U, was isolated from a wild white clover nodule. It was symbiotically effective on white clover. A lysogenic phage (U-mole) was induced from this strain by treatment with either UV irradiation or mitomycin C. Phage U-mole had an icosahedral head (40 nm wide), a short tail (9 nm long) and tail fibres (15 nm long). Phage U-mole was induced with mitomycin C both from bacterial cells in infection threads and from bacteroids in nodules. Southern hybridization using RI fragments of phage U-mole as probe indicated that phage U-mole DNA was integrated into the chromosome of strain UK-1: U at a site involving the 60 kb RI fragment of phage U-mole. Phage U-mole also lysogenized the wild-type strain biovar 4S. The resulting lysogenized strain, 4S:U, had lost its 315 kb Sym plasmid and its nodulation ability.


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