Summary: Analysis of the subgingival microflora has recently implicated and several black species in the aetiology of juvenile, adult and rapidly progressing periodontitis. Rapid bacteriological diagnosis has been hampered by the slow growth and fastidious nature of these bacteria. To construct diagnostic probes, dideoxy sequencing of the 16S rRNA molecules from subgroup II, and several closely related species was performed. Next, oligodeoxynucleotides, complementary to defined regions of the 16S rRNA exhibiting considerable evolutionary divergence, were synthesized for use as molecular probes. In a dot-blot hybridization assay, all strains from each of the species for which probes were constructed were correctly identified, with a detection limit of less than 5 × 10 organisms. No cross-hybridization to closely related species (except for and ) or contaminating bacteria was observed. Using a modified DNA/RNA hybridization technique, the detection could be performed in less than 12 h, as compared to 2-3 weeks using conventional bacteriological procedures.


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