Summary: The SDS-PAGE patterns of the iron-regulated outer-membrane proteins from 70 strains of isolated from various human and animal infections were analysed and the nature of the siderophores produced was examined. Iron-regulated 81 kDa and 74 kDa protein bands seen in SDS-PAGE gels were characterized further by immunoblotting using anti-81 kDa and anti-74 kDa (Cir) sera. The results showed considerable differences between the patterns of the iron-regulated outer-membrane proteins exhibited by the different strains. Nevertheless, three distinct and characteristic profiles, based on the most prominent bands expressed, could be identified, although not all strains produced patterns which matched with one of these. These results suggest the possibility of using the pattern of iron-regulated outer-membrane proteins expressed, as well as siderophores produced, as a new set of markers to characterize groups of pathogenic


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