SUMMARY: A 6.1 kb DNA probe for the human enteric pathogen has been isolated from a genomic library constructed in the plasmid vector pBR322 in The DNA sequence used as a probe was identified from recombinant plasmids following immunological screening of transformants using polyclonal antisera to whole cells and to membrane antigens of Restriction endonuclease fragment mapping of DNA inserts from three of the recombinant plasmids showed an overlapping DNA fragment. One of these recombinant plasmids, when used as a DNA probe in Southern hybridization, specifically hybridized with chromosomal DNA from all of the strains tested. Hybridization was not detected at high stringency between the DNA probe and chromosomal DNA from any other species tested except weakly with the chromosomal DNA of strains of Hybridization was also not detected with chromosomal DNA from a range of other enteric bacteria likely to be encountered in faecal material. The intensity of hybridization with could be increased by reducing the stringency of hybridization.


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