Summary: Sulphite inhibited growth of all four yeasts studied, NCYC 563 being most sensitive and NCYC 431 the least. Vertical Woolf-Eadie plots were obtained for initial velocities of S accumulation by all four yeasts suspended in high concentrations of sulphite. Equilibrium levels of S accumulation were reached somewhat faster with strains of than with those of With all four yeasts, the greater the extent of S accumulation, the larger was the decline in internal pH value. Growth of TC8 and NCYC 563, but to a lesser extent of NCYC 431 and NCYC 1427, was inhibited when mid exponential-phase cultures were supplemented with 1.0 or 2.0 m-sulphite, the decrease in growth being accompanied by a decline in ethanol production. Unless growth was completely inhibited, the sulphite-induced decline in growth was accompanied by production of acetaldehyde and additional glycerol.


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