SUMMARY: Assimilation of fatty acids, fatty alcohols and sugars by Z was investigated with or without illumination. Propionate, butyrate, valeriate, hexanoate, myristate, palmitate, ethanol, propanol, lauryl alcohol, tridecanol and myristyl alcohol supported considerable growth. The assimilation of propionate, valeriate, palmitate, butanol, lauryl alcohol and myristyl alcohol were strictly light-dependent. The photoassimilation of myristyl alcohol was saturated by lower light intensity than photosynthesis and was not completely inhibited by a photosynthetic inhibitor, suggesting involvement of a photoreaction other than photosynthesis in the photoassimilation. -Glucose, -fructose, -galactose, -xylose, -glyceraldehyde and glycerol also supported growth. Disaccharides were not used as the carbon source for growth. The difference in the mechanism of photoassimilation between myristyl alcohol and -galactose is discussed.


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