SUMMARY: The six plasmid species of ATCC 10988 were isolated, separated and purified. Evidence is presented that the 1·6 kb (pZMO1) and 1·9 kb (pZMO2) species can co-migrate on agarose gels, contain single sites for II and III, or RI and RV respectively, and are related at the nucleotide level. The 16·7 kb species (pZMO5) appears to be a tetramer and is partially homologous with pZMO1 and pZMO2. The 2·7 kb species (pZMO3) has a single I site and does not show sequence homology with pZMO1 or pZMO2. Structural features of the 7·3 kb (pZMO4) and 31·3 kb (pZMO6) molecules are discussed.


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