SUMMARY: The electrophoretic mobilities of four esterases (A, B, C and I) of 182 strains of were compared to those of 636 strains of from various origins, including the Alkalescens Dispar group and entero-invasive strains. Discriminant analysis of the distribution of esterases among the strains revealed that could be distinguished from by differences in the distribution of allozymes of esterases C and I. Principal components analysis distinguished four major clusters of strains corresponding to the following: serotype 1; serotypes 1 to 5; serotype 6 and serotypes 2 and 4; and . The last three were characterized by distinct electrophoretic variants of carboxylesterase B, as judged by the two-dimensional electrophoretic profile and titration curves. The distinct esterase pattern obtained for the strains of serotype 13 substantiates the view that this serotype may constitute a new species.


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