Summary: The chemotactic response of zoospores to three different types of fungal spores (conidia of , chlamydospores of and sclerotia of ) and their exudates was examined and in soil. Zoospores were attracted to substances exuded by fungal spores and to a number of organic compounds but not to sodium phosphate buffer solution. Numbers of zoospores attracted to spores of or and their exudates, mixed in a sterilized soil, were significantly ( = 0·05) greater than to soil only supplemented with buffer. Movement of zoospores in an unsterilized soil to conidia, chlamydospores or sclerotia was significantly greater ( = 0·05) than background populations occurring in soil held at 0, -10 and -50 mbar matric potential. Attraction of zoospores to fungal spores and (or) their exudates was generally in the order of conidia > chlamydospores > sclerotia both and in soil. The results suggest that compounds exuded by living fungal spores may act as attractant for motile zoospores.


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