SUMMARY: The fatty acid content of endotoxin has been estimated by several methods. Expressed as 3-hydroxytetradecanoic acid, it was 0·74 μmol (mg lyophilized material), 0·38 μmol being ester-bound, and 0·32 μmol in amide linkage. Reported molar ratios of ester-bound to amide-bound fatty acids in endotoxins of various bacterial species range from 2·4 to 2 in , to 5 to 2 in ; according to these figures large differences must exist in the degree of substitution, and the substitution pattern of the glucosaminyl-β-1,6-glucosamine unit present in the hydrophobic region of endotoxins. When fatty acids, released by acid and alkaline hydrolyses of the endotoxin, were extracted into chloroform, unidentified chromogenic substances appearing in the extract interfered with their colorimetric estimation; no interference was observed when hexane was used instead of chloroform.


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