SUMMARY: Indicator plates containing eosin, methylene blue, glucosamine and proline were used to select mutants of impaired in the utilization of glucosamine. One such mutant, strain hOG298, grew on glucosamine at a slower rate than the parent and was severely impaired in growth on -acetylglucosamine. The mutant was unable to express the first three steps in the -acetylglucosamine pathway: the permease, -acetylglucosamine kinase and -acetylglucos-amine-6-phosphate deacetylase. Glucosamine-6-phosphate deaminase was, however, induced by -acetylglucosamine. The mutant still possessed a constitutive uptake system and kinase activity for glucosamine but glucosamine neither increased the glucosamine kinase activity nor induced -acetylglucosamine kinase. These findings accounted for the decreased growth rate on glucosamine. The parent strain formed germ-tubes in -acetylglucosamine or 4% (v/v) serum but the mutant formed germ-tubes only in serum.


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