Summary: Capsular polysaccharide from two strains of serotype T15 was purified and characterized by chemical analysis and NMR spectroscopy. The polymer, a teichoic acid, proved to be very similar in structure to the capsular polysaccharide of serotype T4 and identical to the previously described K62 (K2ab) capsular polysaccharide of and the capsular polysaccharide of serotype H, i.e. (2-glycerol-3) (phosphate) (4-x-D-galactopyranose-1) with partial -acetylation on the galactose residues. Electron microscopy with Protein A-gold labelled antisera showed that the polysaccharide was peripherally located on the surface of all three organisms. Chemical removal of -acetyl groups from the polysaccharide yielded a structure identical to that previously described for K2 (K2a). Both -acetylated and de--acetylated T15 polymers, when absorbed on to sheep erythroyctes in passive haemagglutination assays, yielded identical antibody titres with sera raised against T15, K 2 or H whole cells. De--acetylation of the Pasteurella polysaccharide influenced its precipitability with immune sera, but this could not be related to the absence of -acetyl groups because the non-acetylated K2 polymer readily precipitated with a line of ‘identity’ with the acetylated T15 polymer.


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