Summary: A proline-producing strain of grew more rapidly than the wild-type strain in a medium of high osmolarity due to high concentrations of NaCl, KCl, NaSO, (NH) HPO, sodium glutamate, glucose or sucrose. Growth inhibition by NaCl was partially reversed by proline in the wild-type strain, and by glutamate and proline in the proline-producing strain. Intracellular proline and glutamate concentrations under conditions of high osmolarity were studied. The wild-type strain accumulated endogenously synthesized glutamate, and concentrated proline taken up from the external medium. In contrast, the proline-producing strain accumulated a large amount of endogenously synthesized proline. This increased proline content contributes to the osmotolerance of the proline-producing strain. The growth inhibition by NaCl was also reversed by glycinebetaine in wild-type and proline-producing strains.


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