SUMMARY: Thirty-five pv. fourteen pv. strains and six ‘brown blotch’ pathogens of rice, all of different geographical origin, were studied by numerical analysis of 133 phenotypic features and gel electrophoregrams of soluble proteins, %G + C determinations and DNA:rRNA hybridizations. The following conclusions were drawn. (i) The pathovars and display clearly distinct protein patterns on polyacrylamide gels and can be differentiated from each other by four phenotypic tests. (ii) Both pathovars are indeed members of which belongs to a separate rRNA branch of the second rRNA superfamily together with the rRNA branches of and (iii) ‘Brown blotch’ strains are considerably different from pv. and They are not members of the genus , but are more related to the generically misnamed and ‘’ belonging in the fourth rRNA superfamily. (iv) No correlation was found between the virulence, pathogenic groups or geographical distribution of pv. or pv. strains and any phenotypic or protein electrophoretic property or clustering.


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