Summary: A soap-tolerant organism, commonly found in face-flannels and sponges, was compared with var. and . These organisms have many characters in common. It is proposed that and related organisms should be included in the family Achromobacteriaceae and that the soap-tolerant organism be considered a new variety of with the provisional name var. . Some problems of classification of these and similar organisms are discussed.

The soap-tolerant organism had two major antigens; one was associated with the capsule and largely strain specific, the other was common to all strains and was present also in non-capsulated variants. Both antigens were detached from the cell on heating, the specific antigen partially and the common antigen almost completely; they could be demonstrated in the saline medium after suspensions had been heated at 100° for 60 min. and though detached from the cell, could still stimulate antibody formation. There was an antigenic relationship between the soap tolerant organisms and .


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