SUMMARY: strains NZP2037 and NZP2213 were each found to contain a single large plasmid: pRlo2037 (240 MDal) and pRlo2213 (120 MDal), respectively. Plasmid DNA present in crude cell lysates of each strain and purified pRlo2037 DNA did not hybridize with pIDl, a recombinant plasmid containing part of the nitrogen fixation () region of , indicating that genes were not present on these plasmids. The transposon Tn5 was inserted into pRlo2037 and this plasmid was then transferred into and All transconjugants failed to nodulate , suggesting that the ability to nodulate this legume was also not carried on pRlo2037. Transfer of pRlo2037 to strain NZP2213 did not alter the Nod Fix phenotype of this strain for Determinants for flavolan resistance, believed to be necessary for effective nodulation of , were not carried on pRlo2037. These data suggest that nodulation, nitrogen fixation and flavolan resistance genes are not present on the large plasmid in strain NZP2037.


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