SUMMARY: Cultures of the cyanobacterium Anacystis nidulans were grown under conditions of Mg-limitation and Mg-excess. Cell-free extracts, obtained after sonication and centrifugation (45000 , 60 min), were analysed on polyacrylamide gels. Mg-limited cells, in which cell division was inhibited, accumulated a protein of molecular weight 50 × 10. Only small amounts of this protein were detected in non-Mg-lirnited cultures. A protein of molecular weight 36 × 10, found in non-Mg-limited cells, was not detected in Mg-limited cells. When a Mg shift-up from 5 μm to 1 mM was carried out in a chemostat, synthesis of the 36 × 103 protein was initiated and the amount of the 50 × 10 protein decreased whilst the main protein pattern remained unaltered. The possibility that the two proteins are involved in cell division is discussed.


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