SUMMARY: is a planktonic gas-vacuolated cyanobacterium that forms a distinct bacterial plate at the metalimnion of Solar Lake, Sinai. Temperature, light intensity and sulphide concentration were examined as possible limiting factors determining the distribution of during the annual limnological cycle of Solar Lake. Both laboratory cultures and samples were examined for their photosynthetic activity at a wide range of temperature, light intensity and sulphide concentrations. The cyanobacterium showed a considerable light adaptation and a capacity for photosynthetic activity at high light intensities. It also showed anoxygenic photosynthesis using HS as an alternative electron donor, but this activity was only 4% of oxygenic photosynthesis. Furthermore, FS was highly toxic to and no CO photoassimilation could be detected at pH 7 and 1 mM-sulphide. Temperature is the primary environmental factor governing the distribution of in Solar Lake.


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