SUMMARY: LL100-21 grew on acetonitrile, acetamide, a range of aliphatic nitriles and amides, benzonitrile and benzamide as the sources of carbon and/or nitrogen. It also grew on acetate, several other aliphatic acids, and benzoate as carbon sources. Growth on either acetonitrile or acetamide resulted in induction of both acetonitrilase and acetamidase activities, which were shown to be due to separate enzymes. Growth on benzonitrile resulted in the ability to release ammonia from benzonitrile but not benzamide, acetonitrile or acetamide. Growth on benzamide resulted in the ability to form ammonia from benzamide but not benzonitrile, acetonitrile or acetamide. Measurements of respiratory activity of the bacteria grown on the various substrates showed a similar pattern of induction of oxidative activity for these compounds.


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