Summary: C-labelled rRNA was prepared from ATCC 27126 and from Alteromonas haloplanktis ATCC 14393. H-labelled rRNA was isolated from ATCC 27119 and ATCC 8071 colony type tl. These rRNAs were hybridized under stringent conditions with filter-fixed DNA from various strains and from organisms of marine origin and/or with mol % G + C values in the range 40 to 50. Each hybrid was described by its and percentage of rRNA binding. From rRNA similarity maps and dendrograms the following conclusions were drawn. The is very heterogeneous and consists of four rRNA branches: (1) alone; (2) the cluster, containing most of the named species and a number of organisms which should be renamed ATCC 19262, and several unnamed alginolytic bacteria); we propose to limit the genus to the former two clusters; (3) the rRNA cistrons of which resemble those of the Vibrionaceae and are as different from the above two rRNA branches as are those of the the and belongs to this branch and seems to be a remote relative; (4) and constitute another, separate rRNA branch; in conjunction with their special phenotypic features, we propose to create a new genus, for them. The exact taxonomic position of could not be established.


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