Summary: Cultures were labelled with -[S]methionine for 5 min periods immediately after resuspension in sporulation medium ( ) or at hourly intervals thereafter ( , or ). Cells were harvested and lysed very rapidly at low temperature in the presence of inhibitors of protease, cell extracts were subjected to high-resolution two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, and radioactive proteins were revealed by fluorography. Comparisons of fluorograms from wild-type cells labelled at various times after resuspension showed that 35 proteins were synthesized at that were not seen at , ten at that were not seen at , and seven at that were not seen at . Conversely, nine proteins ceased to be synthesized in the first hour of resuspension, eight in the second hour and five in the third hour. Experiments with the same protocol were done with cells of a strain carrying , a mutation that blocks sporulation at a very early stage. The results show that the mutation prevents about two-thirds of the total number of changes that occur in the wild-type in the first hour, about one-third of those that occur in the second hour, but only two out of 12 of those that occur in the third hour.


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