Summary: Twenty-one strains of and marker cultures of and the ‘’ taxon were subjected to numerical phenetic analyses using 92 unit characters. The data were examined using the simple matching ( ), Jaccard ( ) and pattern ( ) coefficients and clustering was achieved using the unweighted average linkage algorithm. Neither cluster nor aggregate cluster composition was markedly affected by the coefficient used or by test error, estimated at 1.5%. The strains formed a distinct and homogeneous cluster which showed its highest similarity to phena equated with and . The non-hydroxylated fatty acid composition and overall size of the mycolic acids was similar to that found to be characteristic of , though the long-chain in the 2-position of the mycolic acids was relatively much richer in monounsaturated components. , in containing dihydrogenated menaquinones with nine isoprene units, is clearly distinguished from established representatives of .


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