SUMMARY: Nineteen strains of , 23 received as or , marker cultures of and 88 representatives of and the ‘’ taxon were the subject of numerical phenetic analyses using 92 characters. The data were examined using the simple matching ( ) and Jaccard ( ) coefficients and clustering was achieved using the average linkage algorithm. With a single exception, strains containing -diaminopimelic acid, arabinose, galactose and mycolic acids were recovered in five aggregate clusters corresponding to and the ‘’ taxon. Most of the strains formed a good taxospecies which included the type strain of The numerical data, and the results of earlier chemical and genetical studies, also provide sufficient evidence for the transfer of to as comb.nov. and for the recognition of sp.nov. for some strains previously classified as (Hefferan) Goodfellow & Alderson. The classification of the remaining marker strains correlates well with other major developments in coryneform taxonomy.


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