SUMMARY: A high molecular weight polysaccharide sedimenting at 105 000 g was extracted into the water phase of phenol/water extracts of PCC 6912 cells. The main sugars of the heteropolysaccharide were mannose, 6-O-methyl--mannose, glucose, rhamnose, and glucuronic and galacturonic acids. 6-O-Methyl--mannose was present partly in terminal linkage and partly 1,3-chain-linked, as revealed by methylation analysis. 3-O-Methyl-mannose, however, was found in only trace amounts and exclusively occupied terminal positions. The heteropolysaccharide presumably represented a polysaccharide of the cell wall. There was no indication of a lipid moiety. Application of procedures commonly used for lipopolysaccharide extraction from whole cells resulted in very low yields or even indicated complete lack of a typical lipopolysaccharide.


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