SUMMARY: mt-2, formerly known as mt-2, which carries the wild-type TOL plasmid, and strain AC37 carrying TOL, were completely lysed by the pilus-adsorbing plasmid-specific bacteriophages PR4 and PRD1. strain PpS388, also harbouring the plasmid, was not lysed. In a mt-2 host, TOL transferred 18-fold better on a surface (2·5 × 10 transconjugants per donor h) than in liquid; when PpS388 was the host, however, a frequency of only 2·3 × 10 transconjugants per donor h was obtained. Thus, TOL was derepressed for transfer in mt-2 and AC37, but not in PpS388. Electron microscopy revealed that TOL determined thick (8·5--10 nm diameter) flexible pili in large numbers, suggesting constitutive expression in its derepressed state.


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