SUMMARY: strain Cd was grown in a medium containing NH in a chemostat at a range of constant dissolved oxygen tensions (d.o.t.) (0·007--0·18 atm). Poly-β-hydroxybutyrate (up to 12% of the cell dry weight) increased under oxygen limitation and moderate dilution rate (D = 0·14 h). The highest carotenoid content was observed at high d.o.t. and dilution rates up to 0·12 h. The amount of protein varied with d.o.t. from 0·29 mg protein (mg dry wt) at 0·007 atm to 0·54 mg at 0·18 atm. The yield efficiency and respiration rate were highest at low d.o.t. and decreased significantly at a d.o.t. of 0·18 atm. Succinate dehydrogenase and malate dehydrogenase activities increased 2·5-fold at 0·10-0·18 atm O, whereas succinate oxidase and NADH oxidase activities increased consistently with increasing d.o.t. showed a low specific activity for catalase; the specific activity of superoxide dismutase increased sharply above 0·16 atm O.


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