Phage X was isolated from sewage as plating on or strains harbouring the incompatibility group X plasmid R6K. It also plated on a strain of carrying this plasmid. It failed to form plaques on or harbouring R6K, but did multiply on them. No phage increase occurred with homologous R strains. Phage X also plated or registered an increase in titre on or strains carrying various plasmids of incompatibility groups M, N, P-1, U or W as well as the unassigned plasmid R775. It adsorbed to pili determined by a group P-10 plasmid in a strain but did not multiply on this organism. The phage was filamentous and curly, resistant to ribonuclease and diethyl ether and sensitive to chloroform. It adsorbed to the tips of pili.


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