Both a penicillinase and a cephalosporinase are present in a strain of (GN7391) resistant to β-lactam antibiotics. The penicillinase was identical to the type Ia penicillinases (Type III by Richmond classification), mediated by Rms212 and R-TEM. A cephalosporinase, typical of enterobacteriaceae chromosomal β-lactamase (Type I by Richmond classification), was purified from the strain. It gave a single protein band on polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and immunoelectrophoresis; the pI was 8.6 and its molecular weight was approximately 38000. Cysteine was not found among its amino acids. The specific activity was 388 units (mg protein)for the hydrolysis of cephaloridine, and the optimal pH was 8.0. Rabbit antiserum obtained against the purified enzyme showed cross-reaction with cephalosporinases produced by strains of in a neutralization test.


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