SUMMARY: Dispersion of isolated cell walls of in washed agar provided an opaque medium on which cell-wall decomposing micro-organisms were isolated from soil. All of the organisms isolated on cell-wall agar were spp. The lytic activities of seven isolates of , two strains of sp., and three strains of , were studied on cell-wall agar media prepared from five Gram-positive and three Gram-negative bacteria and from the yeast The three strains of showed no lytic activity on any of the cell-wall substrates. All of the actinomycetes tested were without activity on the Gram-negative cell-wall agar media. Most of the actinomycetes produced lysed zones on Gram-positive cell-wall agar and the greatest lytic activities were observed with and cell-wall substrates. and two strains of were lytic on cell-wall agar but no lysis occurred on the bacterial cell-wall agars.


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