Summary: The respiratory quinones of 73 strains of Gram-positive bacteria including spore-forming rods, lactic-acid bacteria and actinomycetes were examined. Menaquinones with seven isoprenoid units (MK-7) were the main quinone type found in representatives of the genus and in However, a strain of produced MK-8 in addition to MK-7, and strains of and appeared to produce MK-9 and MK-8, respectively, with no MK-7. In the Clostridia and lactic-acid bacteria, no quinones were found, except in NCTC 8066 and subsp. ATCC 7469, which contained menaquinones, and NCTC 775 and HIM 478-1, which contained demethylmenaquinones, in relatively low concentrations. Menaquinones were also found in the actinomycetes (except and which did not produce any quinones) and in ATCC 8458, the so-called ATCC 15900 and NCTC 10559.


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