Summary: The biochemical explanation for lipid accumulation was investigated principally in 107 and, for comparison, in the non-oleaginous yeast There were no significant differences between these two yeasts in their control of glucose uptake; in both yeasts, the rates of glucose uptake were independent of the growth rate and were higher in carbon-limited chemostat cultures than in nitrogen-limited cultures. There was no lipid turnover in either yeast, as judged from [C]acetate uptake and subsequent loss of C from the lipid of steady-state chemostat cultures. Acetyl-CoA carboxylase from both yeasts was similar in most characteristics except that from 107 was activated by citrate (40% activation at 1 mM). The enzyme from 107 was relatively unstable and, when isolated from nitrogen-limited (lipid-accumulating) cultures, was accompanied by a low molecular weight inhibitor.


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