Four species of (clavicipitaceous systemic grass pathogens) isolated from pastures where cattle showed signs of ergot toxicity were grown in culture. , one isolate of and two isolates of produced conidia in submerged culture during the first stage of a two-stage fermentation procedure. When transferred to a glucose/sorbitol/inorganic salts medium during the second stage, these four species produced ergot alkaloids in stationary cultures. The transfer of fungi cultured in the first medium to the second medium was necessary for alkaloid biosynthesis. One isolate of did not produce alkaloids. produced chanoclavine (I), agroclavine, penniclavine, elymoclavine, ergonovine and ergonovinine. produced chanoclavine (I), ergonovine and ergonovinine. This is the first report of isolating ergonovine and ergonovinine, two lysergic acid derivatives, from fungi outside the genus . Only chanoclavine (I) was identified from extracts of and Chanoclavine (I) and ergonovine were identified from smut grass () parasitized by , indicating that this endophyte produces alkaloids both and


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