A previous suggestion that sensitivity to ω-aminocarboxylic acids in is associated with the ability to grow axenically has been re-evaluated using new axenic strains and axenic derivatives of strain AX3 recombinant for linkage group II. It is now shown that the major gene for ω-aminocarboxylic acid sensitivity, designated is not allelic to previously described axenic loci and but that is closely linked to, or allelic with a third axenic gene found in strains AX2 and AX3. The phenotype is rapid growth in axenic medium. The locus is located on linkage group II. Genetic evidence suggests that the strains AX2 and AX3 now in existence share a common genetic background and may not represent independent isolates from the wild-type strain NC4. Studies with C-labelled -aminocaproic acid show that sensitivity to ω-aminocarboxylic acids is correlated with increased myxamoebal permeability to these compounds.


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