SUMMARY: Six antigenic components have been identified in toxic filtrates from which hage been designated α, β, γ, δ, η and ζ.

α is the classical lethal toxin of and β and γ are haemolytic lecithinases, β being certainly necrotizing; δ and ζ are haemolytic, δ being oxygen labile; and ζ is probably responsible for pearly layer formation. Type A strains of produce α, γ, δ and η; type B stFins α, β and ζ; type C strains produce none of these components when examined by our methods. Two strains of produced the β lecithinase.

By methods based on certain characteristic properties of these six antigenic components, ‘oedematiens’ antisera can be tested for the corresponding antibodies.

In the identification of the various types of methods based on the properties of the β, γ and η components give more consistent and clear-cut results than those depending on morphology, colonial formation or fermentation reactions.


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